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Seatorium-Head-Office_ed-Recovered1The Plant

“Headquarter & Factory of Seatorium”

In auditorium projects, quantities are mostly huge. A small mistake in production can lead to a great loss in resources. Punctuality, sensitivity and accuracy are of paramount importance in production process of Auditorium projects. Seatorium management is commited for perfection.
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We are all aware of the fact that stadium seats are used for providing comfortable sitting arrangements in a stadium. But, what not many people may...

Research & Developement

“Research inside the Fabric”

The Research and Development is generally guided by the demands from our valued customers from around the world. R&D’s role in Seatorium is similar to that of heart in human body:

Simply crucial.

Design & Project

“Technical Draw of a Product”

Our Design and Project department have two mission: To convert raw materials into living products and to translate simple products into living Auditorium environments. The outcome is always a harmony of materials and a synchronization of time and delicate taste of acoustic auditorium.

Metal Section

“Welding process inside the fabric”

Since metal is the main body of any auditorium product we believe that this section symbolizes the strength and durability of Seatorium products.

Wood Section

“Wood atelier in our Fabric”

Warmth and compassion of nature is explicitly reflected in wooden part of every product. As Seatorium team believe that the wood is one of the most important elements that bestows the product its personality.



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